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Steyer, Steyer Mark, Diseci Traminec, Exclusive, 2015

4,0 NJP of 5,0 NJP

Steyer, Steyer Mark, Diseci Traminec, Exclusive, 2015 (50 EUR when purchasing in the winery) white dry wine, Radgona-Kapela, Stajerska, Podravje, Slovenia, 4,0 NJP of 5,0 NJP (90 points of 100 points) (07-12-2020 by Nenad Jelisic)


The Steyer winery does not cease to amaze. Of the year's 10 best wines, two come from it; Steyer Vaneja 2011 that placed in the third place and this wine that placed in the seventh place. With this wine, better to say with the new vintage of this wine (formerly called Steyer Diseci Traminec Exclusive), the Steyer winery proves that it produces one of the best dry Gewurztraminer (Diseci Traminec in Slovenian) in the world. Last but not least. Extremely few of the world's wine producers who make wine from Gewurztraminer-grape succeed produce so dry, but at the same time so flavourful and complex wine as the Steyer winery.


Steyer Steyer Mark Diseci Traminec Exclusive 2015 is a big, complex and fresh wine that has a brilliant balance between its sweetness and acidity. The aroma is characterized by sweet spices such as vanilla and cardamom, white flowers, yellow pears, yellow apples and honeydew melon. The flavour is characterized by lime, yellow apples, yellow ripe quince, sweet spices and white pepper.


The wine will go really well both as an aperitif- or company wine or with stir-fried curry chicken with bamboo shoots, red peppers, yellow onions, broccoli and coconut milk, and boiled jasmine rice or with oven-roasted corn chicken filled with smoked bacon with grilled red peppers and baked Hasselback potatoes or with grilled salmon fillets (if it is possible of non-farmed salmon) or Arctic char fillets with white wine sauce and boiled dill potatoes. If you want to drink the wine as an aperitif- or company wine, drink it at about 3°C from large Burgundy glasses from Orrefors, Riedel or Spiegelau. If you want to drink the wine with the food, drink it at about 8°C from the same type of glass as mentioned before.


The wine's soil consists of clay, vines are between 20 and 25 years old and grapes come from two vineyards, both of which are located at an altitude of about 280 meters above sea level in the Radgona-Kapela appellation. The grapes are hand-harvested and carefully selected in both the vineyards and on arrival at the winery. After the destemming and crushing process, the grape must, which consists of pulp, skins and seeds, goes in one or several press machine/s where it is cold macerated for about 36 hours under a temperature around 10°C. When the pressing is complete, the must is poured in stainless steel tanks where it is fermented under a controlled temperature between 15 and 20 degrees. After the fermentation, the wine is aged in both acacia barrels 50% and oak barrels 50% for 24 months. After the aging, the wine is easily filtered, bottled and then aged for a few more weeks before being released on the market. Only about 600 bottles are made of this wonderful wine and only when the weather conditions are perfect. Steyer Steyer Mark Diseci Traminec Exclusive 2015 will develop for at least another 15 years i.e., until at least 2035.

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