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Edi Simcic, Sauvignon, 2017

3,5 NJP of 5,0 NJP

Edi Simcic, Sauvignon, 2017 (22 EUR when purchasing in the winery) white dry wine, Goriska Brda, Primorje, Slovenia, 3,5 NJP of 5,0 NJP (85 points of 100 points) (23-01-2021 by Nenad Jelisic)


This vintage is not as big and complex as the 2016 vintage, but it is still really good. Better to say Edi Simcic Sauvignon 2017 is better than at least 90% of the world's Sauvignon Blanc-wines. In the aroma, one can clearly feel green tomatoes, blackcurrant leaves, stinging nettles, green herbs and green apples. In the flavour, one can clearly feel green tomatoes, green apples, minerals, citrus fruits, green pears and nectarines.


The wine goes really well as an aperitif-wine or wine to hang out with friends. In addition, it can be enjoyed with a creamy lobster soup or with bouillabaisse (fantastic seafood stew) or with grilled monkfish fillet brushed with olive oil during grilling, white wine sauce and dill boiled small potatoes or with creamy seafood salad. Enjoy the wine at 8 to 10°C from glasses like Difference Crisp from Orrefors or Wine Wings Sauvignon Blanc from Riedel or Esprit from Peugeot or Atelier from Luigi Bormioli.


Vines used for this wine making are between 16 and 29 years old. The soil on which the vines grow consists of marl (a clayey soil that contains a lot of lime). The grapes for the wine are hand harvested. After the destemming and crushing process, the grape must, which consists of pulp, skins and seeds, goes in a press machine where it is cold macerated under a temperature around 10°C for about 2 to 4 hours. When the pressing is complete, the must is poured in stainless steel tanks where it is fermented under a controlled temperature between 22 and 24 degrees for about 25 days. After the fermentation, the wine is aged in 75% used and 25% new 225 litres oak barrels from France for about 10 months. After the aging, the wine is bottled and aged for about 12 more months. Edi Simcic Sauvignon 2017 will develop for up to 5 years, i.e., up to the year 2026.

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