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Ritz Restaurant, Hotel Ritz, London, UK, 5,0 NJP of 5,0 NJP (26-06-2015 by Nenad Jelisic)


It is the second time that NJ Wines gives 5,0 NJP to some restaurant and we do this with great joy. Everything was perfect at this restaurant: food quality, food taste, how the food is presented and looks, wine selection, decor, atmosphere, service and cleanliness. If you want to feel like a king for one day then you absolutely must visit the fabulous Ritz restaurant. The restaurant is located in one of London's most internationally known (if not the most known) and one of London's most exclusive hotels, Hotel Ritz. The hotel itself is located on Dover Street, very close to the very famous Piccadilly Circus.


To get to the restaurant, after you had left your jacket at the main entrance, you walk through the long and very luxurious decorate hall. The same second when you enter the restaurant, you are welcomed by the head waiter and right after comes the sommelier with a solid wine list. Over 60 different wines can be ordered by the glass, 6 of them are champagnes and 8 white wines i.e. you have at least 6 very good alternatives to a good aperitif before dinner.

The restaurant is, like everything else at the Hotel Ritz, super luxurious decorated. Regardless that the restaurant is located in the heart of London, one can see from the restaurant a very beautiful park (the Royal Green Park). When the weather permits, the restaurant has very beautiful outdoor dining.

Service was exceptional good at the restaurant Ritz. If I counted right, 10 people (head waiter, sommelier and waiters) took care about us, our food and our drinks. The best with the restaurants’ staff was that I never saw that they looked at us, but as quickly something was needed for our table, they came from nowhere.

The food was perfect, extremely beautifully presented (you could eat the food with the eyes) and sensational good. Each bite created a taste sensation in the mouth. The extremely carefully created appetizer, which was served before each dish, opened all the taste buds and helped to the maximum taste experience.


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